Sunday, March 2, 2008

Reading using the Chakra Form

Reading using a Chakra Form (Map of the Body)

Casting stones is one of the oldest methods of ‘fortune-telling,’ and everyone can use this simple method for reading a person’s chakras, balancing their energy, and for divination. I hope you enjoy this traditional divination method. I have personally experienced amazing accuracy with this technique.

This type of reading is able to reveal a person’s motivations and blind spots, and can provide insight into their particular life-path.

Your tools will be 7 ordinary stones, a bit of leather and a pendulum. To learn how to select your stones and use the pendulum, refer to the end notes.

This reading will be performed in 2 stages: First the chakra reading, then a reading using the stones.

Chakra Reading

Establish rapport with the client as you set-up. To learn how to draw the "map of the body," refer to the end notes.

Begin to imagine that the client is laying down flat on their back in front of you. Have the client hold this image in mind as well. Using your left hand, (right hand if you’re left handed) hold your pendulum over each chakra, starting from the root chakra (base of spine). Note the direction and speed your pendulum moves. Experience shows that the pendulum swings in a clockwise direction to indicate a healthy/open chakra. The pendulum will often speed-up or slow to indicate the degree of openness of each chakra. With a good basic understanding of the ‘mystical meaning’ of the chakra system, a lot can be interpreted.

At this point it is appropriate to clear the imbalances and open the client’s chakra system using sound. To learn how to use sound to balance chakra energy, refer to the end notes.

Stone Reading

Have the client hold the stones in their left hand and think of a question or a specific area of their life for which they want guidance. A question focuses the client’s energy and allows for more specific answers from your reading.

Write down their question, or if they request insight into a specific area of their life, write that down in the form of a question. You may also have them choose one stone and let that represent the theme for the reading.

Begin by having them gently roll, or spill the stones onto the leather form.

You will read the groupings like sentences. It may be necessary to repeat the sentences aloud 2 or 3 different ways, changing the emphasis and order of the words until the answer feels right. Trust that your intuition knows. Imagine that your higher self is guiding you.

First notice which stones are closest to the client. These may represent important themes in their life or specifically for this reading. What are their meanings? Ask the querrant if this seems significant.

Next, consider which stones are near or aligned with which chakras. What may this represent? Notice where stones lie in relation to body parts such as elbows or feet and note which side of the body (right side= left brain, (masculine/linear/rational); left side=right brain, (feminine/creative/emotional).

Stones that are grouped together or touching each other are read together because they are considered to be communicating. When this happens, try to combine them into one concept.

Next, check to see if any of the stones are lined-up in straight lines, (even if they are far apart across the leather form).

Also, consider the over-all shape or pattern made by the stones and ask the querrant if they can see any thing you will sometimes imagine a number, a letter, perhaps a bird, or another recognizable shape. Ask if this shape is significant.

If something is unclear, use your pendulum to ask your intuition for clarification.

I am always willing to answer your questions, so feel free to drop me an e-mail.

Good Luck!


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