Friday, July 25, 2008

Learning to "Talk to Your Stones"

I've occasionally referred to "talking to the stones" but in case someone doesn't understand what I mean, please follow my thoughts.

Almost all of spoken language is based on metaphors. In this explanation the term "spirits" is used as a METAPHOR to talk about 'the energy of life,' which is 'the great mystery' and what many refer to as 'God.'

Folklore says that the 'Stone People' have the oldest spirits because they were here first. The stone spirits are very wise and can teach you many things. If you listen to them, and invite them to open to teaching you their wisdom, I assure you that you will be ASTOUNDED at the information available to you. All of world history; the mechanics of the universe; who knows what you might learn about? I hope of course that your intention is also to help people learn about themselves.

So... the way to talk to your stones, is to assume a reverent or 'prayerful' state of mind. I would light a candle and burn incense too. Begin by speaking aloud saying "I chose you for this... because..." or "I felt called by you and so..." Address each stone in turn, acknowledging them as teachers, and welcoming them into your journey.

The human psyche loves ritual and the more 'ritualized' you make these processes, the more deeply significant your rituals will become.


You missed one "Dick."

So I came across this Richard Wilkins article on EzineArticles and wondered where he had gotten his information.