Tuesday, December 25, 2007

How to Do a Reading

So you'd like to learn an easy method for divination?

I have been doing psychic readings for many years - the last couple using "Shaman Stones." This highly reliable method of divination was taught to me by a respected shaman and intuitive. I will pass it on to anyone who is seriously interested in learning it.

Casting stones is one of the oldest and simplest methods of divination still in practice today. I have used this method for a number of years, always with pleasing accuracy.

This type of reading is able to reveal a snapshot in time, so if the querrant specifies a certain time frame, in the past or in the future, you can provide insight into that particular time as well as the present. You can also ask to talk to your "Spirit Guides" or "Guardian Angels."

How to Do a Reading

Have the querrant hold the stones in their left hand and think of a question or a specific area of their life for which they want guidance. A question focuses the reading, allowing you to give more specific answers.

Write down their question, or if they request insight into a specific area of their life, write that down in the form of a question. If they don't know, what to ask, tell them to choose one stone from their hand and let that represent the theme for the reading.

Begin by having them gently roll, or spill the stones onto a cotton cloth or other natural material.

You will try to read the lines and groupings like sentences. It may be necessary to repeat the sentences changing the emphasis and order of the words until the answer feels right. Trust your intuition to help you.

First notice which stones are closest to the querrant. Which are in the middle? What are their meanings? Ask the querrant if this seems significant.

Next, consider any stones that are grouped together or touching each other. These often represent important themes in the reading.

Next, read any stones that are lined-up straight, (even if they are far apart across the spread).

It's also useful to consider the over-all shape or pattern made by the stones. Ask the querrant if they can see anything - they will sometimes imagine a number, a letter, perhaps a bird, or another recognizable shape. Ask if this shape is significant.

If something is unclear, use your pendulum to ask your intuition for clarification.

I always make sure to draw the spread and make notes that I can refer to again in the future.

That's how it's done. Read the rest of this blog to learn how to collect and prepare your stones and you can go here to learn how to use a pendulum.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Choosing Your Stones

Stones and Meanings

You will go out for a walk, (perhaps two), and find the following seven stones. Look on beaches, along rivers and places you enjoy. Find one or more stones for each of the following meanings.

South: Sun – usually auspicious, Joy, light, growth.

West: Communication – expression, messages, dreams, emotions, twilight, Raven magic.

North: Spirit – Ancient Gods, Earth Spirits, folklore, Spirit of the Bear.

East: Eagle Vision - awakening wisdom, spiritual purpose.

Friends & Family: Relationships – people you don’t know and people you love.

Health: Broad definition of health – lifestyle, thinking, positive emotions, general optimism.

Moon: Veil of Consciousness - emotions & subconscious, some things are hidden.

Preparing Your Stones

When you bring your stones home, you must clear them and prepare them. Wash them with gentle soap and a brush. Soak them over night in salt water (sea salt is best) or natural spring water. If you are unable to do this simply smudge them with smoke from sage, incense or other ritual fire.Talk to them and invite their Spirits to awaken.

Now sort them and decide which stone will represent each meaning (use a pendulum if needed to clarify your choices). Draw a sketch of each and label it to make sure you remember what each means.