Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Want to Develop Your Psychic Abilities? Just Start.

Everyone has psychic abilities. We all occasionally, "know who's calling" a moment before we pick up the phone, or read someone's "thoughts" by saying exactly what's on their mind. Some people may be more "gifted" but everybody can train themselves to get reliable answers.

The problem is, our world distracts us. Our cultures and families muddle-up our internal ways of knowing. We come to mistrust ourselves and we learn to rely on outer signs and indicators for our direction. The opinions of friends and family, concerns about status or income and our responsibilities to loved ones all tend to 'colour' anything that feels like inspiration.

When we are at our best, or "in the flow," we are better able to plug-in to our higher consciousness. Therefore part of my practice is to do something to either "psyche" myself-up or calm myself-down so I have a better channel open to my psychic skills. I might wash myself in Chi energy, spin seven times while clapping my hands over my head, or focus on my breathing for a few minutes. All of these can bring-on an altered-state of awareness.

The next challenge is practice. As with all skills, regular practice will improve your results. I recommend a few simple exercises to my students. Try these:
  • Everyday before you check your mailbox, guess whether you have mail; predict how many pieces of mail; or guess the cities of origin.
  • If you listen to radio, guess the next song you'll hear or the next word.
  • Use a pendulum, Urim & Thummim, or flip a coin to decide which route to take to school, to guess the outcome of a game, or to make other choices.
If you use these exercises daily you will open-up again to your inner knowing and your psychic practice will yield better results.